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Fire Alarm Packages

All our fire alarm packages are compatible with the new Scottish Legislation updated on the 1st Feburary 2022

budget pack of scottish smoke alarms
2 level home pack of interconnected smoke alarms
3 level home pack smoke alarms fully fitted

Frequently asked questions

Q Who needs to fit these alarms ?

A. All homes in scotland are required to have interconnected smoke alarms fitted by 1st Feb 2022

Q. Why do we need to fit interconnected alarms ?

A. To increase fire safety following the grenfell tradgedy.

Q. Who is responsible for the cost ?

A. Homeowners are resposible for private owned homes, councils, housing associations and landlords are responsible for private accomadation.

Q. Do the need to be wired into my electricity supply. ?

A. Private home owners have the option to save expense by fitting interconnected wireless 10 year tamperproof sealed battery units. These meet scottish legislation and fully comply with all regulations.

Q. Im deaf or hard of hearing. Is there an option for me ?

A. Yes, We supply and fit sensory alarms, these alarms connect to your alarm system and provide a vibrating pad to place under your pillow along with strobe beacons to alert you using haptics and visual aids.

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